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Italy ia tough but extremely profitable market;

Analyze your knowledge of what drives Italian customers to buy; evaluate your unique strengths and weaknesses and discover how to land more clients


I'm Alexander and I can (definitely) help you launch and grow your business in italy

I've Been Involved In The Tourism Industry And Entrepreneurship For More Than 25 Years, Expanding My Area Of Expertise In The Digital Environment Starting In 2006

Since my first approach to digital marketing, I mainly concentrated on acquiring and segmenting leads, in order to deliver THE RIGHT PRODUCT to my clients. It's been a long challenge, but it paid off.

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5 Reasons Why Italians Represent The Most Profitable Client In The Whole World and how it impacts your business

They Are Big Spender

Yep! They love to spend their hard earned cash to pamper themselves.

They are without a doubt the biggest spenders on site once on a vacation, and they never say no to a new experience or a tempting new product That gives you the chance to maximize your profit without having to invest more to approach new clients.

They Enjoy Life

A lot. 

No matter what  happens they are always on the search for new ways of living.

Be it a new fashion trend, an unusual experience, or a particular product, they will  dive into it without a regret.

That gives you the chance to propose your service or product with a great chance they will consume it.

They Love Beautiful Lifestyle And Well Being

They ABSOLUTELY love beautiful lifestyle and they are a great target for beauty and well being related products or services.

If it makes them feel special" they'll buy it, period.

They Are Social Animals And Love To Share Their Experiences With Friends

This really makes the difference.

They love to talk! Their viral effect is simply massive.

 Your investment can be cut of by 80% if you are smart enough to have a great strategy in place to bond with them.

They Love Being The First Ones In Every Experience/Product

As said before, give them something to talk about, and the viral effect is guaranteed.

But be aware, if the product or service doesn't live up to their expectations there is nothing that will save you..

Well..actually there is...

Unfortunately to succeed you'll need to:

DEEPLY know their social behaviour

You have to think like an italian, speak like an italian, get into their minds like a novel Hannibal Lecter

CREATE connections 

Bond is the magic word here. Italians work with who they know, everything else will fail. that means that you have to invest a huge amount of time getting to know them, creating connections, and winning their trust

And this is where I come into play.

We might become best friends and set up a billion dollar business together or I might not be a good fit for you..the only way to is starting to chat

It all depends on your next action

Not now, I'm not ready yet.; But please keep me updated on what you are working on

What do they say? 

Highly effective, straight to the point. That is all I can say. Very skilled and effective. What I appreciate the most was the ease of communication and the unusual techniques he applied to achieve the result. No doubt I'd recommend him to anyone. Well done Alex

Mathew Wolf


I was introduced  by a friend who partnered with him a couple of years ago and at first, I must admit, everything he said sounded nothing special. I mean, what he said sounded obvious, and something that anyone with a marketing background could do. I wasn't impressed that much but decided to give it a try. a couple of months he made his magic and people started to book like never before. I was totally blown out. Alex, I owe you this.. you are good, damn good.

Sarah Libowitz

Head of marketing

Alexander revolutionized our processes and took the company from barely surviving to thriving in less than one year. There are no words to describe what he is capable of..genius..

Gloria Parolari

CFO OF mondo antares

Mind blowing;

Alexander always came up with unusual but highly effective strategies; what else can I say? He talks, usually makes no sense, and nails the expected result. 

And as he says: nothing else matter!

Anna Garcia



No worries, I totally Get it; rome wasn't built in a day and you want to know more

Who the heck is ALEXANDER MIRIC And how does he Know His stuff ?

Glad You asked !


I'm  Alexander

I'm Now In My Early 50'S, And I've Been Involved In The Tourism Industry And Entrepreneurship For More Than 25 Years, Expanding My Area Of Expertise In The Digital Environment Starting In 2006

I Founded The Customer Focused Environment Method ®, Became A Digital Marketing Maniac, Storyteller,  Avid Student Of Brain Hacking And Neuroscience.

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